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Did you know that creativity and brilliance can sometimes be a trauma response?  Your quick processing, wild imagination and spidey sense might have developed to keep you safe. 

And now the world assumes you can figure everything out since you are so smart but… finding deep courage and true intimacy may not be as easy for you.Let’s reconnect you to your tender heart and create the love life you want and need to truly thrive in life.


I guide my clients through a highly personalized inquiry and coaching experience around the following topics:


What do you really desire? And why is it so hard to go beyond what you think you can have in life?

Together, we’ll identify one or two goals that make your heart beat wildly and chart the course to achieving it in the most pleasurable and sustainable way.


Feeling blocked? Repeating the same patterns? Too much drama? It’s all resistance – be it resentment, bad memories, family baggage, stressed boundaries or fears.

You can gently melt and transform this resistance. I’ll show you how to make it safe and healthy to experience greater love and intimacy.


How do you get out of your head and into your heart, when you’ve been rewarded all your life for what’s in your mind?

You’ll learn practical new tools and transformational practices that will increase your capacity to experience love, connection, and intimacy in your relationships.


By the end of our time together your desire to thrive will become second nature. Through regular practice and somatic integration practices, you will be able to easily re-orient yourself towards thriving in love.

Life will continue to throw challenges at you but the rewiring we will accomplish linking your heart and mind will give you a much greater window of tolerance. The move toward your desires will become a habit rather than hard work.

My style of coaching

Creating a safe, loving and encouraging environment

What I won't do...

– Make you feel less than or judged for any of your life choices or circumstances
– Give you pre-scripted lists of steps to accomplish
– Tell you what to do
– Expect you to be like me

What I will do...

– Meet you where you are at
-Listen to you and witness you
-Help you to bring your body back into dialogue with your mind and dreams through gentle practices
– Respect you
– Show you practical steps for both your mindset and your external reality
– Teach you tools to thrive right now
– Tailor our sessions for the pace that works for you

Who I
Work With

Over the years I have found that I do my best work with individuals who embody the following characteristics:


A desire to feel better right now in this moment – My best clients don’t want to sit in a therapist’s office for years rehashing the past.  They are motivated to take steps to thrive and embrace their desires.


My best clients enjoy learning new things and come to their sessions with an open, interested mind and a willingness to get to the heart of the matter. They read widely, love to explore and ask themselves difficult questions.

interested in intimacy

My best clients are generally not afraid to talk about sex, to explore their own personal pleasure and to learn more about how sexual energy can improve their lives.


My best clients are self-motivated and are used to accomplishing what they set out to do.  They are interested in taking action, being held accountable and making things happen.


My best clients have a deep desire to understand what drives them and to explore how to become the best version of themselves. They are looking for their own paths in life and respect their deepest intuitions.

Pleasure seekers

I love working with people who enjoy beauty, dancing, travel, music, and touch. My most successful clients understand that their sensory experiences of the world can guide them to show up as their true selves.

Many of my clients are:

– Successful artists
– PhD’s who are forging their own paths outside of academia
– Teachers: academic, spiritual, and physical
– World travelers
– Writers
– Actors and dancers
– Entrepreneurs

Meet Kimberley

Kimberley knows what it’s like to spend a lifetime bridging intellectual achievements and trying to stay connected to one’s true self.

She finished her PhD in French Literature at the same time as she completed her first Iyengar teacher training.

Through coaching, she found a way to integrate the mind and the body in the pursuit of pleasure and well-being.


Kimberley particularly enjoys working with creatives and intellectuals who are frustrated with the banality of life and desperately crave passion and pleasure that are more connected to their tender heart.

She loves to help them overcome obstacles, find their voice, and thrive in life..


Kimberley believes that an essential first step in this process is recognizing your right to thrive as you are, without making yourself smaller or less interesting.

This creates a foundation for finding love, being a creator, and tapping into one’s own power.

Kimberley’s academic background, decades of yoga study, and personal experiences make her an empathetic, creative, and intuitive coach. She knows firsthand the trials of infidelity, infertility, solo parenting, international moves, career changes, and heartbreak.

Kimberley became a certified VITA coach in 2020.

She’s a solo parent, accomplished teacher, tango dancer, avid cyclist, writer, and multilingual.

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Kimberley Healey

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