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by Kimberley Healey Coaching

The sex ed you always wanted

Eight weeks in community to celebrate your sensuality.

This is a joyful Sex Ed Conversation Club for women who have had happy sex, think about happy sex, are having happy sex or want happier sex with themselves or with others.  Happy sex is any activity that makes you feel good, makes you laugh, helps you sleep, gives you joy in your nether regions, and makes you relax.  When you feel happier about sex you will have more energy, set better boundaries, feel more creative and enjoy being in your body more.

 Come be in community as a sensual being with other women!  We will celebrate instead of commiserate!

i am the sex coach for nice ladies

I make talking about sex and sensuality safe, fun, easy and relaxing.  In our time together I will help you with:


What do you really desire? And why is it so hard to go beyond what you think you can have in life?

Together, we’ll identify one or two goals for your sensual/sexual project that make your heart beat wildly and chart the course to achieving it in the most pleasurable and sustainable way.


You may have very good reasons for not having gotten what you want in your sex life.

We live in a society where women don’t always get to claim their sexual power – I am here to help you rewrite that story.


How do you get out of your head and into your heart, when you’ve been rewarded all your life for what’s in your mind?

You’ll learn practical new tools and transformational practices that will increase your capacity to experience love, connection, and intimacy in your relationships.


By the end of our time together your desire to thrive will become second nature. Through regular practice and somatic integration practices, you will be able to easily re-orient yourself towards thriving in love.

Life will continue to throw challenges at you but the rewiring we will accomplish linking your heart and mind will give you a much greater window of tolerance. The move toward your desires will become a habit rather than hard work.

for women

This group is for you if:

You are curious about sensuality and sexuality.

You enjoy learning in community.

You want support and visibility around your sensuality.

You have ever worried that you weren’t ‘normal.’

You are ready to go deeper in your curiosity about and enjoyment of sensuality.

all are welcome

This workshop is for people who identify as single, coupled, unsure, very sexual, only sensual or any flavor between.  Queer, bisexual or other orientations will be supported and welcomed.

we have a gendered orgasm gap in the us

Many women are not getting the pleasure they desire.

there are so many flavors of pleasure

Maybe you sensually ate a cardamom ice cream this week, maybe you tried a new position, maybe you discovered audio erotica, maybe you want to buy a new toy….all your sensuality will be celebrated.

you can be a feminist And want to learn to do a lap dance

There is no agenda here except pleasure!

body love is enhanced when we tap into our desires

You can rewire yourself to love your body more.  Celebration, pleasure and embodiment practices can help.

Pleasure will become a habit rather than a chore

Prepare to have many new ideas about how to bring more pleasure into your life!

Happy sex club (Beta)

Tuesday evenings 6-7 pm PST starting April 9 for eight weeks.  Only $169 this time around!  You can come to as many sessions as you’d like!

Meet Kimberley

Helping creatives and intellectuals to reconnect with their hearts and bodies.


Kimberley is a highly educated sex educator and somatic practitioner (VITA Coach and Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher).  She was raised by a German hippie mother on a farm in rural Oregon where sex was pragmatically presented.  She first lost her virginity to a wildly experienced Frenchman on the island of Crete who helped her realize her sensual nature and ever since she has cultivated a life full of happy sex.  She has a Phd in French Literature and has read all the great sex theorists and French feminist thinkers.

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